Welcome to St. Mary's Catholic Elementary School!

The Ontario Catholic School Graduate expectations proclaim that upon graduation from Catholic Secondary School, our students will be: discerning believers; effective communicators; reflective, creative and holistic thinkers; self-directed responsible, lifelong learners; collaborative contributors; caring family members; and responsible citizens. The community of St.Mary’s Catholic School strives to provide quality Catholic education within a safe, caring, Christ-centred environment enabling all students to realize their full potential as significant members of the Church and society. Thanks to a dedicated team of educators, a supportive parent community and a close partnership with St. Joseph’s Parish, St.Mary’s has established a tradition of educational excellence. At St. Mary’s, our primary goal as a Catholic School is to support this spiritual development of our students.  In our school, the bases for all activities are the gospel values. Religion programs, sacramental preparation, school Masses, faith celebrations, charity fund raising, and student recognition assemblies, collectively create an enriching faith experience. We recognize that one of Christ’s most precious blessings was teaching His children the sign of peace.

“Let us not develop an education that creates in the mind of the student
a hope of becoming rich and having power to dominate.
That does not correspond to the time we live in.
Let us form in the heart of the child and the young person

the lofty ideal of loving,

of preparing ourselves to serve and to give oneself to others.
Anything else would be education for selfishness and we want to escape
the selfishness that is precisely the cause of the great malaise of our society.”

Archbishop Oscar Romero